Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my tree has a TPO or is within a protected area?

Carrying out unauthorised tree works to protected trees carries a fine of up to £20,000, therefore it is important to ensure that you check the legal status of your tree prior to any works being carried out.  You can do this by contacting the planning department of your Local Authority.

Acme are happy to liaise with the Local Authority and once our quotation for the tree works has been accepted, will complete and submit the relevant planning application on your behalf free of charge. 

If a TPO tree is removed will I have to replant?

If a TPO tree is removed it is expected that a replacement tree is planted within the next planting season ie October/November to March/April.  This new tree will then take the TPO number of the previous tree. Usually within the planning consent the Tree Officer will recommend a species to be replanted.

Acme can help with the sourcing and re-planting of the replacement tree.

My tree doesn’t look very well. What’s wrong with it?

We can arrange to come out and provide a consultation and give you advice on the best course of action to take with diseased or damaged trees. We will identify the causes and recommend what is right for the tree and it’s situation.

Does my tree have bats in it?

There is a strong possibility of the presence of bats in mature trees and they are protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We are certificated in Bat Awareness and if bats are suspected we will undertake a Preliminary Bat Scope and followed by a Secondary Bat Scope if needed. Discussion of options will then take place if needed.

What other species do I need to be careful of?

All European protected species, bats, birds, bird nests and eggs, dormouse, great crested newt etc are protected by law under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981The Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW) 2000 and The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 collectively and if breached can result in significant penalties.

As part of our daily risk assessments a wildlife assessment will always be carried out and we will inform you of any findings.

Do you charge for quotations?

Quotations are free of charge. On occasions, especially during busy times or if the work is long distance away, we may ask if you could send an email with some pictures of your tree and if possible information such as;

  • Access – how will the tree waste be removed? ie side passage, through the house, over the garage etc.
  • Difficulty – is the tree healthy and safe to climb? Are there buildings underneath?

This allows us to give allow us to give you a rough estimate over the email. If our rough price looks favourable we would then do an actual site visit prior to undertaking any work and give a proper quotation in writing.

Do you carry out risk assessments and method statements?

We carry out a site specific risk assessments for every job, no matter what the size – a copy of this is available upon request.  For more extensive works a risk assessment and method statement will be prepared and submitted to the client prior to the works being carried out.

Can I see your proof of insurance and qualifications?

Of course, you should always check that your tree surgeon is fully insured and qualified for the work you require.  Remember to check your tree contractors’ policy details as restrictions such as tree height and proximity to infrastructure may not be apparent on the insurance certificate.

Does the weather affect works being carried out?

Sometimes. Due to the nature of the work we undertake, high winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms are not safe environments. However, we continue to operate in most weather conditions and monitor the weather on a daily basis.

Do I have to be there when you are working?

With everyone so busy these days it is unnecessary for you to have to be there when we are working. The work being undertaken will be agreed prior to our arrival and arrangements can be made to allow us access to the property. All our teams are extremely reliable, friendly and trustworthy.

Will you leave a mess?

We take pride in our work and customer satisfaction plays a big role in this. We endeavour to do our up most to leave the site tidy.

How do I pay you?

Payment is on completion of works unless alternative payment terms have been agreed. If required, we can email or post a typed invoice in which you have 7 days to pay us by cheque, cash or  bank transfer.  Alternatively, if you pay on the day the teams can give you a written receipt.

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