Logs for Sale

Seasoned fire wood

Our firewood is a mixture of soft and hardwood which been cut and dried for approximately 12 months.  They have been cut to lengths suitable to use in most wood burning stoves.

The logs are delivered on a tipper vehicle or trailer and tipped in an area of your choice that can be accessed easily by the vehicle, this is usually a driveway or courtyard.

(Picture shows 2 cubic metre of firewood)

Available in 2 quantities:

1 cubic metre      =     £70.00 (inc 5% VAT)

2 cubic metre     =   £130.00 (inc 5% VAT)

NB: A delivery charge of £20 will be applicable for addresses more than 10 miles of Rugeley, Staffordshire.

If you would like to place an order please contact the office on 01543 686070 to make arrangements

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