Recycling Tree Waste


All resulting tree waste, if the customer does not want to keep it, will be removed and the area left tidy.  This is then recycled at our premises for seasoned firewood logs and woodchip.

Recycling tree wasteSeasoned logs for firewood

The resulting logs from our daily work is returned to our premises where it is stacked and left to dry for 12 months to season.  It is then put through the processor to create logs that are perfect for the log burners.  Information on log prices.

Logs for splitting

Processing cordwood (Small)

Seasoned fire wood

Woodchipper Woodchip for grounds projects

, soft play areas, animal runs

Much of the woodchip generated from the branch wood is used for projects such as soft play areas at schools, pubs, parks and also for garden borders and animal pen runs.

Picnic areas (Small)

Light landscape area - school (Small)

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