Consultancy / Tree Reports / Surveys

Tree Consultant - ResistographThere are various situations where you may be required to undertake detailed inspections or surveys, in this instance we use highly qualified consultants who can provide any of the following:

  • Tree Inspections and Surveys
  • Tree Risk Assessment, Management and Policy
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment
  • Tree Preservation Orders, Planning and Appeals
  • BS5837 Surveys and Reports for Developments
  • Government Support and Advice
  • Ancient and Veteran Tree Management
  • Arboricultural Mortgage and Insurance Reports
  • High Hedge Complains and Appeals

IMG00117-20110211-0954 (Small) Meripilus on an oak tree (Small) Ganoderma Bracket on a beech tree 2 (Small) 100_0457 (Small)

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