Outdoor Wildlife Areas/Classrooms


Children in outdoor classroom (Small)Acme enjoy creating an outdoor classrooms utilising areas that already exist within the school grounds for vegetable growing, conservation and wildlife.
It doesn’t have to be a large space to achieve an area to learn in, a few vegetable planters, small herb bed, a strawberry patch, small potting shed, some picnic potting tables and a few logs to sit on make for such fun an interest for children.

School garden

School conservation area

Log Planter


Butterfly tree decorationsOutdoor Classroom Creations

Not only do the children learn about growing vegetables they can also have the opportunity to make exciting creations for the garden ie bird feeders, toad houses, hedgehog habitats, bee homes and planting lavenders and more to encourage butterflies and bees to help our wildlife.

Planted wellies

Pot decorations

Support sticks

Children made a hedgehog habitat.

Key art

Toad house Children made a ladybird houses.Painted stones garden creatures

Decorated spoons for supports

Painted stones garden creatures

Painted stones

School garden before planting (Small)Outdoor Classroom Design

Each schools requirements are always different and we can create an outdoor learning area with the space available with either a large or small area.  Here is a few of the services we provide;

      • Designating a suitable area
      • Creating a simple plan if needed
      • Clearing areas and creating pathways
      • Installing planters
      • Introducing large logs for seating
      • Creating habitats such as damp, watery areas to encourage toads and newts
      • Introducing log piles for wildlife habitats
      • Woodchipping areas

Conservation area School Potting Shed & PlantersOutdoor classroom

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