Conservation & SSSI

Scrub clearanceScrub clearance

We regularly work on sites of Sites of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) and these are as will have their own specific requirements to ensure the protection of the area. For Heathland regeneration operators manually clear trees and scrub without the use of large machinery to avoid disturbance to the site and it habitats. Our qualified operators will spray herbicide that has been approved by Natural England, to treat areas being cleared of trees and scrub on these sites.

Resulting debris from the work carried out is sometimes burnt on-site to avoid the use of chippers and machinery required to remove the waste off-site. Acme implements the required control measures and liaises with the relevant fire services and authorities when burning is used.

Scrub clearance - dragging brashBurning Scrub SSSI scrub clearanceScrub clearance SSSI

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