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Alder removalHealth & Safety is Paramount

Acme places health and safety at the forefront of our activities. Due to the high-risk nature of the arboricultural industry, health and safety is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of everyone involved, protecting the public and property that could be at risk.

Prior to any work commencing, and during operations if situations change, we carry out Risk Assessments to ensure that and all our work is carried out safely and to current health and safety regulations. You can be assured that all our workforce are properly trained and all the machinery and equipment used is regularly maintained and serviced and, where applicable, LOLER tested every 6 months.



Insurance Cover – for your peace of mindPoplar tree

Our highly skilled and experienced teams take the utmost care with every project they undertake. In the unlikely event of any damage being caused by ourselves to your property while we’re working there, we ensure you are covered with our public and professional liability insurance cover for up to £5 million.

Our operators are all highly skilled and are only allowed to undertake duties they are qualified to carry out and, more importantly, they are all covered by our insurance in case of injury - so you don’t become liable!  

Tree surgery dismantling tree - poss feature pic 2 (Small)Make Sure You Do Your Checks!

IMPORTANT: TO AVOID LIABILITY – DO NOT LET VOLUNTEERS OR UNQUALIFIED PERSONS USE MACHINERY OR CARRY OUT WORKS. It is important to check that your contractor is properly qualified and insured to undertake the work you require them to do – failure could result in you being liable for any accident or injury!

You should always ask to see a copy of your contractors public liability insurance and employers liability insurance certificates. Make sure they are in date for when your work is being undertaken. You need to also check that they are applicable for ‘Working at Height’. NB: Many less scrupulous contractors only carry ‘landscape’ insurance which is much cheaper, however this does not cover them for tree work.

Ask to see copies of their NPTC certificates to make sure they are qualified to work on the size of trees being worked on.

Copies of all our certificates are available in our vehicle packs, please do feel free to ask to check through them prior to any works being undertaken for your peace of mind.

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